Holding Back

In 2013 I quit my job.  It was a good job.  I made pretty good money, and it was very secure.  I had the respect of the people I worked with, and I had a fairly free hand in my work.  The problem was I wanted more control of my life.  Every day I left my family behind for hours at a time.  When I got home, I was tired, and often grumpy.  Something needed to change.

I’d considered alternate careers for several years and always seemed to circle back to writing.  It is a portable skill that has been in demand for thousands of years.  Despite conventional wisdom, there are a lot of writers who make good, if not great, money.  Plus I knew that I could write when I put my mind to it, so I decided I would give it a try.

It was not a decision I took lightly.  Mine was the only income for our family of four.  We had some savings to live on, but it wouldn’t last forever.  I started in with a will.  Every day I wrote 1000 words.  I worked on a book that I had been considering for a while.  I wrote blog post drafts.  I wrote in my journal.  The words seemed to flow out of me.

Then one day I had an opportunity to make some money editing a novel.  I like editing.  It’s a lot like writing, but someone else does all of the heavy lifting.  I jumped at the chance.    A few weeks later, I was offered a side job doing some training.  I still hadn’t made any money from writing, so I agreed to that as well.  Without really noticing, I stopped writing for my blog.  I also stopped working on the book, and transferred my efforts to setting up a consulting company and a writing services company.  Those two were making money, writing was not.  It seemed logical.

Later I realized this was a mistake.  The thing about writing is you have to share it to make money.  You have to put yourself out there and risk rejection.  I hadn’t been doing that.  Without taking that risk, a writer will never know if they are any good.  Without someone to read what you have written, there is no chance to develop a following.  You can’t build a market.  Without publishing something, putting something up for sale, you will never sell anything.

This post is more of a recommitment than anything informative.  I want to declare my intention to write and to publish to the world.  I want to let the few people who are following along with me here know that I am afraid, but I am going to start sending out whatever trash comes out of my morning writing sessions.  No matter how little I like what I have written, I will share it with you every day.  That is my promise to you.

I also have a request.  Since I will be publicly showing you who I am, warts and all, I would appreciate some honest feedback.  If you like what I have done, leave me a comment.  If I am a pompous ass, who is ignorant in the extreme, I need to know that too.  I want to grow as a writer, not fearfully hit the publish button hoping that I have offended no one or embarrassed myself.

It is time to put my pride on the shelf and start truly learning my craft

I am addicted to learning about why. From nutrition to neuroscience and philosophy to behavioral economics I am always seeking to understand. When I am not completely immersed in the latest book to catch my eye or practicing Brazilian jujitsu, I am usually cooking for my wonderful wife, playing with my two beautiful kids or out running with one of our dogs.


  1. Thad, I love your post today. It’s honest. It’s real. It’s exactly what I needed to hear. We’re all on a journey, headed somewhere and, at times, we think our challenges are exclusive. So it’s refreshing to know we’re not alone. To see a glimpse of the person behind the written words? Well, it’s like finding a nugget of gold. Looking forward to watching you grow into your writer within. Keep Going.

  2. A babies first steps always has a few tumbles in there journey. In the end they are up and running. You have a strong will and can acomplish whatever you set your mind to. I enjoy your blogs you speak from your heart and your mind. Keep up the good work and you too will be running.

    1. Thanks Paul. Feels more like I am a toddler headed off the top of the stairs sometimes, but I guess that is a learning experience as well.

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