How to Know When to Step Up

I sometimes read bad fiction. I don’t really enjoy it. I get frustrated by the cliche. I feel like tearing my hair over blatant inconsistencies. I sometimes have to put the book down an take a break. So why do I put myself through all of that?


Seeing bad fiction flying off the shelves of bookstores was what convinced me to write and publish my first book. I knew I could do better. Maybe not sell better, not at first, but I knew that my stories were good enough to find an audience. So far its only a very small one, but they are loyal, and growing.

Finding that perspective is an all important skill. No matter what your industry, when you begin to see that the quality of other’s work in your area of expertise is below what you can provide, it is an invitation. It means that you have grown to the point that you are ready for the next challenge. That it’s time to push into the zone of discomfort and take on more responsibility. That there is a market for your talent if you take a step out into the spotlight and share your skills with the world. It’s a skill that’s at the essential to becoming an entrepreneur.

How about you? What do you see that makes you cringe? Photographs with bad lighting and poor composition? Poetry with a clumsy meter and flimsy rhymes? Trainers who fail to understand the space they need to give their students to learn the material? A boss who insists on living in a tactical world when what your department needs is a long term strategy? Every one of these implies that you are ready. That the world needs you. It’s time to step up.



I am addicted to learning about why. From nutrition to neuroscience and philosophy to behavioral economics I am always seeking to understand. When I am not completely immersed in the latest book to catch my eye or practicing Brazilian jujitsu, I am usually cooking for my wonderful wife, playing with my two beautiful kids or out running with one of our dogs.

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