Stephenson Spencer Book Series

Book 1: Inventor

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STEPHENSON SPENCER IS a boy who loves to tinker with things.   Ideas, computers, genetic sequences, and robots are all fair game.  Now he is in trouble.  His science fair project is due, and procrastination has brought him to the brink of a failing grade.  Things get even worse when what should be a simple project starts spiralling out of control. Stephenson suddenly finds himself in a race against time to salvage his project and avoid disaster.

Book 2: Hacked

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STEPHENSON SPENCER thought the science fair fiasco was bad. Only a few months later he’s gotten himself into and even bigger mess. With only three days before the citywide robotics competition, his team’s robotic rover has disappeared into the night. even worse a shadowy enemy seems to have declared a personal vendetta against him. Now Stephenson and his friends must solve the mystery and track down their robot or risk disappointing the whole school.


Book 3: Exiled – Coming Soon!